About me!


Hello there!

My name is Melynn Rose! I'm a dryad VTuber and artist that changes with the seasons! I also appear as a black shiba inu puppy named Turtle at times!

I'm a completely self taught artist and have been streaming on Twitch for a few years! I love drawing art for people and streaming it. I also enjoy streaming fun games of all kinds, but I especially love sim games that challenge my creativity!

Thank you for stopping by, hope you enjoy my site!


Why the dog avatar?

I'm genderfluid and go by she/her or he/him at any time! I will often feel one way or another, but I don't ever mind if people use either one even if I am feeling one way. I created Turtle as a way for me to indulge in the he/him part of my gender.


Then who's the purple dog?

That's Domiwoof! My creative partner and boyfriend. You will see us streaming together a lot as we like doing collabs and events together. I make a lot of his art for him, and he writes lore and other stories for me! Domi is a lewdtuber so make sure you're okay with that and 18+ when interacting with him.

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