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My full name is "Melody Lynn Rose Brown", but I've shortened it to "Melynn Rose".

I am a self taught artist, and have been pursuing it my whole life. When I was only a few years old I said "I want to be an artist." and I held myself to that for the following years of my life. I have now been taking commissions for 10 years, and I am capable of using any art program or tool you throw at me. I don't just keep the knowledge to myself though. I teach art classes, previously in a studio and now from home on my own.

I love all forms of art, but I'm really inspired by fantasy and anime. I really adore and appreciate the detail that goes into anime artwork. Although it can be very simple and just plain heartwarming, it can also take points of realism and apply itself in a way that makes the fantasy we all love feel real.


Thank you for stopping by, hope you enjoy my site!


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