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Who will you adopt today?


What is an "adoptable"?

Like anything else you can adopt, "adoptables" are designs, be it clothing, characters, animals, etc... that are "put up for adoption". Meaning, when you buy it, it's yours! You can use it as your OC's design, or for a project. Sky's the limit!

How do I adopt?
When you want to adopt, all you have to do is fill out the adoption form with your name, contact email, Paypal email, and the design you'd like. After you've submitted the form, I will contact you and send an invoice to your Paypal email.

What happens when I adopt?

After the invoice is paid, you will be sent a full HD .PNG as well as the .PSD of the design you ordered. Certain adoptables might come with other perks, such as percentages off commissions or extra artwork. You will be contacted through email as these perks are fulfilled.

If you have any other questions or requests about your adoption, do not hesitate to send me an email and ask!


Live updates

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Available Adoptables

Jackalope Girls

Girls that have Jackalope features (rabbit ears and horns). Inspired by "mori girl" fashion.

Price includes 15% off future commissions of your adopted Jackalope as well as possible freebees during casual drawing sessions.


Arctic Doe



$100 CAD



$100 CAD



$100 CAD

Coming Soon

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