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Domi AUs

VTuber Domi

A shamed exile whose taken up becoming a mercenary. In his spare time, he streams, creates content online and functions as a dominant/submissive for his own home dungeon, and one other dungeon in his community.

[2022-03-20 - 01;47][2022-03-20 - 01;47].png


A mercenary whose supposed to be dead. He's run away from home and has created a new life for himself, fulfilling his inner void with his duties as a Warrior of Light while trying to forget his past.

[2022-03-20 - 13;30].png

Red Domi

A runaway whose taken up arms against his family, functioning as a mercenary. He's one of the foremost courtesans in the city of Canis, and the proprietor of the Princess Room - a place where all puppies salivate over being broken and trained. He's also the leader of the terrorist group, ERC.

[2022-03-20 - 01;47].png


A sadist mercenary who functions as a healer-for-hire, though not for free. He demands payment in the form of sadistic activities in exchange for his services.

[2022-03-20 - 13;30][2022-03-20 - 13;30][2022-03-20 - 13;30].png

Modern Domi

A shameless rockstar who produces fetish content while also performing in a punk band. Tends to be pretty handsy with his bandmates, and can be a huge sadist when the mood is drawn out of him.

[2022-03-20 - 01;54].png


A mercenary who abandoned his duties and became a cult leader. He uses his knowledge and love of BDSM and pain in order to train his recruits, often entering into intensely sexual relationships with them.

[2022-03-20 - 13;30][2022-03-20 - 13;30].png
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