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NSFW warning

May contain nudity or gore

Dungeon Crawler

Create monsters by generating random words

How to
Use to generate your first word. This will be the overall theme of your dungeon. The theme can influence monster designs.

From here, generate your next word. There are 3 things you can chose to do with this word. 


  • Keep it as is and use it as the prompt for your first monster

  • Level up the monster by generating one more word (no more than two words per monster) to add to its description

  • Skip this word and move to the next floor

  • The last one we don’t suggest using on your first monster, but the option is always there for every monster you’re making.


If you decide to keep it as is, this will be your first monster. Use the word however you like as a prompt to create your monster. 

Monsters have two levels, easy and hard. If you want to generate another word and level up your monster, this means your monster will be “hard” and might look more devastating than a one word monster. Another thing that influences level is floor number. As you travel to higher floors, monsters will be more powerful. Keep the floor number of the dungeon and the level of the monster in mind when creating them.

If you’re really stuck on a prompt, or you just want to move on, you can chose to forfeit a prompt to move to the next floor of the dungeon. The dungeon can have up the three floors, each floor adds more complexity to the design on your monsters.

The Final Boss
Once you get to the third floor, a fourth option is available to you. You can chose to generate a third prompt to your monster to create the final boss. After the final boss is created, the game is over.


Example Dungeon

Example Dungeon

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