Graphic Design

Logos, stream layouts, and icon sets...

   All of my logos are completely made from scratch, all the way down to the font so we can make something unique to only you and your business. It can be font on its own, an image, or both.


   I draw up multiple mock-ups based on your specifications and we'll look over and talk about them together so you know you're getting what you want. When its complete, high quality, print ready images are sent to you, and a solid vector if requested.



*All prices are in CAD


Stream Layouts

   Any aesthetic you need to suit your stream. Let me know what specific boxes you need and their dimensions and we'll design around them.


   All designs and simple text, as seen in the examples, come for free. Anything else that might be considered a separate commission (i.e. logo, character art, etc...) will be treated as such and will add an extra fee. For instance, if you wanted a logo done to add to your layout, it would be an extra $200 and come to $270 altogether.


   I will not use licensed or other art in your design without the artist's permission.

Discord/ Twitch Icon Sets

$30 each | $75 for 3 | $120 for 5




   Discord, Twitch, or other icons in whatever sizes you need! I sell them on their own, or as a set for a discounted price.

   Any type of character or expression is allowed, just note that complex ones may be simplified to look better at smaller sizes.


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