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Electrode Bow
  • Electrode Bow

    Keep rollin' to victory with this Electrode-inspired bow. We hope this accessory helps you channel Electrode's explosive passion in your daily life!

    • Width

      4.5 inches

    • Length

      3 inches

    • Care Instructions

      Each bow is made unique and has not been tested for wear and tear. Any pieces that could potentially fall off can be hot glued or sewn without issue.


      Any severe, irreparable damages due to shipping or missuse may be sent back for repairs at the best of my ability. No refunds will be given for any damages out of my control, and new bows can not be sent as they are all one of a kind.

    • Materials

      100% Polyester ribbon, plastic beads (painted), metal gears, epoxy dot, Electrode card, metal alligator clip