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What is
Pay What You Want?

Pay what you want (or PWYW) is a type of commission service I do where you pay any amount you want and I'll draw something for you based on the character references you give me and the amount you paid.

How is this different from a regular commission?

PWYW is great because it allows you to customize the amount you can or want to pay me for art, that being said it is very different from a regular commission. PWYW comms are more similar to something like a Skeb or a blind box. You're allowed to make requests to characters and posing, but I will also draw pretty much what I'm in the mood for and what I have the energy for at that time based on the amount you paid. Basically, what is $(x) amount equal to in my current energy. For this reason, what you pay can't be compared to my regular commission prices for the type of art you get (though you can use them to get sort of an idea) as you may as well commission me regularly at that point.

How do I know I'm getting what I'm paying for then?
The fun in PWYW is the surprise you get, but also I make sure to make the amount you pay worth it. A good example can be, if I don't have the energy to draw $(x) worth in my typical rendered style, I might draw that amount's worth in my chibi or sketch style instead or vice versa. I don't ever half ass my art, and I will never give you less than what you pay for. In fact, I often give way more than what people pay me since I'm drawing what I want to at that time which I find most motivating. You are always guaranteed equal to or more than what you paid for in the art that I have energy for and want to draw.

Alright I'm interested. What now?

Contact me and tell me you're interested and we can get started! If you have any questions I am always more than happy to help.

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